Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome to 5-6 Coote/Miller

Grade 5-6 Coote/Miller

Our classroom

Welcome to Grade 5-6 Coote/Miller. Mrs Coote will be running the program from Monday to Thursday and then Mrs Miller will run the program each Friday. We share the same philosophies about children's learning wherein the emotional development of the child is highly valued, and will be offering many vibrant learning opportunities throughout the course of the year including a camp for the grade six students from April 9th-11th. The school is a "Kids Matter" school.  The main focii for this term include the science unit Marvellous Micro-organisms and a geography unit looking at Asia, specifically concentrating on China. There is also a huge emphasis on developing critical literacy and numeracy skills. Students are currently partaking in unit based on the book Storm Boy and will later view the film looking specifically at the filming techniques employed in the movie. There are many leadership opportunities  within the Daily Phys.Ed program, the Student Representative Council, the extensive music program. Students also are given the opportunity to try out for the two Maths Relay teams who partake in a State wide competition late July.

Specialist Times
Monday 11:10 Physical Education
Tuesday 11:10 Library
Tuesday 1:25 Japanese
Wednesday 9:45 Music

I will be running a double art lesson every Thursday.

Beautiful Blackmans Bay

The beach where we have our annual Surf Carnival

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