Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Storm Boy Book and Film Unit

We are currently reading the Australian book Storm Boy by Colin Thiele. I have several different editions of the book in the classroom and each day some students read along with me.
This book is inspiring the water colour pictures we are doing

We have these four editions in the classroom
There is also a display in the room which students will refer to when doing their group activities based on the book. They will be focusing on characters, settings and plot.

Display of stills from the film Storm Boy

Students have just finished their water colour pictures inspired by the Coorong area which is the setting for the story. I was lucky enough to find another book by Colin Thiele  on the Coorong. The water colours were each accompanied by a descriptive narrative from the book and are on currently display in the classroom.

UPDATE: Today (February 23th) we finished the novel and will commence the group activities soon

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