Monday, February 10, 2014


Lesson 1.

Meet Townsend Sensei who will be taking the students every Tuesday afternoon for forty-five minutes for Japanese. Today students look closely at dates and counting numbers. They had an English association or action to accompany each number to help them remember the Japanese pronunciation, and acted out the numbers.

Numeral              Japanese
1              (ichi)
2              (ni)
3              (san)
4              (shi/yon)
5              (go)
6              (roku)
7              (shichi/nana)
8              (hachi)
9              (kyū/ku)
10           (jū)
11           十一 (jū ichi)
12           十二 (jū ni)
13           十三 (jū san)
14           十四 (jū yon)
15           十五 (jū go)
16           十六 (jū roku)
17           十七 (jū nana)
18           十八 (jū hachi)
19           十九 (jū kyū)
20           二十 (ni-jū)

Students also learn how to write the current year and their grade:

Students could practise the months of the year before their next Japanese lesson.

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