Monday, February 10, 2014

Exploring Bread - Marvellous Microorganisms

Today we began our unit on Marvellous Microorganisms looking at "leaven" and "unleavened" bread and the effect yeast has in the process of making breads. Students extracted the keywords from the text and will be constructing a paragraph about bread tomorrow using their keywords.We read the book above and watched a short video clip on bread.

The three types of bread

Recording observations

Students then worked in groups to make and record their observations about three different types of bread. They looked at a whole grain bread and a white bread both with yeast and and a flat bread without yeast.
They were asked to make detailed annotated diagrams. We only had time to look at two types of bread today but will be looking at the unleavened bread tomorrow morning and finishing of their observations.
Here are two photographs students can use to complete their annotated diagrams if they ran out of time to complete them. 
Wholegrain bread

Wholemeal bread

The recording sheet (A3)
Example of an annotated diagram
The final unleaven bread students looked at:

Lesson 2: Looking at Flow charts (Februray 17th)

Students looked how flow charts are used and drew one of their own up showing the bread-making process. 

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