Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bread Making and the Breadfest

Today in class we made some bread without the use of a machine and it turned out pretty well. We followed the recipe that one of the grade 5 boys brought to school. Tonight instead of homework students have been asked to make some kind of bread, but only if it is convenient for the family. Tomorrow we will share our breads and baking techniques. I will be bringing the butter and some homemade apricot jam freshly made in January after a bumper crop of apricots. Our main focus for the lesson  was on the role of the yeast in the bread and the way it feeds off sugar and flour. 



Into the tin

Nice and crusty

Great texture
On Thursday I asked the students if they would rather make some bread or do some written homework. The was an overwhelming "We'd like to make some bread."  And they did. Here are some of the budding chefs with their wares.

I brought some homemade apricot jam from our bumper crop we got in January this year and some butter. And so we were set for a feast. Well done everyone on your excellent manner too. Students all gave a talk on the ingredients and the method they used. Below are some of the styles of bread students made.
Beautifully plaited bread

These buns were a BIG hit

Toby's recipe

Poppy seed bread

Made with a honey and beer recipe

Unleavened bread

A damper

Braided bread

Multigrain loaf

A beautifully white and very fine textured bread

Tasty white loaf

Beautiful crusty bread
The Madagascan chef used vanilla in her bread

Made with gluten free flour, so fine

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