Monday, June 2, 2014

First Assignment for Federation: a PMI - Due next Thursday 12th of June

A PMI is a pluses, minuses and interesting investigation. Last week students were each  given a booklet on Federation, and we have discussed how to pick out the keywords. They really need to read the information thoroughly (more than once) and look up any words they are unfamiliar with. Many of the students have had a turn reading to me so I can gauge their understanding of the two texts, but any support at home would be greatly appreciated, as there are 27 students in the class. The information should be housed in their Useful Folder.  The Federation unit is a tough requirement of the history curriculum and will require persistence and organisation. Students will be receiving a significant amount of help scaffolding the assignment. They have been asked to produce a PMI poster which will be a mixture of written text and visual text to show their understanding of the topic. This is the first task. Today students also received a second source of information, two pages on Federation from a book levelled at upper primary students. Tomorrow I will be showing some film clips, sharing some music and also a Big Book which simplifies the topic somewhat more. To date three-four hours has been given in class on this topic. Tuesday the students will have a mini computers for an hour each to find a third and/or fourth source to help them with this assignment. . Tonight they were asked to finish reading the information given and to make a plan in their Writer's Notebooks.

Yesterday, May 3rd I and some brave volunteers read the big book Australians All to the class. It is the easiest to understand resource I have so far discovered about Federation. I photocopied the most relevant pages to Federation in colour and then laminated them. Four randomly chosen students put these up as a display in the quiet room as a resource.

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